Sunday, March 25

Build your own agenda - talk about topics that interest you and that will help you move forward and achieve your goals in 2018!

We start the day off with a combo of Imposter Syndrome workshop and inspirational talk, setting the stage for all of you to realize you have something to share, your voice counts and is heard, and you can actively participate in the upcoming group get-togethers. This is followed by a pure 'Unconference' part, where you will build your own agenda and create topic-based discussion groups.

Imposter Syndrome Workshop

Have you ever felt that you just got lucky and that sooner or later you'll be found out to be a fake or an impostor? If you answered "yes", you have experienced the Impostor Syndrome. During this workshop, we'll take some time to understand the Impostor Syndrome, analyze how it has affected you in the past and device some strategies to overcome it, or better yet, leverage it for the better in the future.

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Shruti Van Wicklen

Shruti has worked in the capacity of software engineer, engineering lead and engineering manager over period of ten years in the software industry. She has a bachelors and masters degree in Computer Engineering and has worked at various companies including Microsoft and Amazon. Along with finding the most efficient engineering approaches, she has always enjoyed mentoring and leading junior engineers on the team. She currently works as the CS Fundamentals' Instructor at Ada Developers Academy.

Launch it Broken, Fix it Live

18 days to create a community - Join this inspirational talk that depicts how you can create reality out of a distant vision.

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Melody Biringer

As a connection engineer, Melody is a master of designing alliances. She believes that relationships are most important in our lives and that unlikely mashups create new perspectives and opportunities. She has built an international ecosystem of sisterhood. The founder and producer of the WiT Regatta: a week-long conference in Seattle, Vancouver and Amsterdam, she brings people together to advance women in STEM and Tech. You can follow Melody on Instagram @MelodyBiringer.

Tech Women Rising Conference Mascot
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