Tech Women Rising 2020

Spring 2020 - Stay Tuned, New Date Coming Soon!

Seattle, WA
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Tech Women Rising

Standing Together. Growing Together. Rising Together.

Join your peers, reach for your goals, spend an invigorating weekend with fellow women in tech! Tech Women Rising will be She's Coding's second conference, happening in spring of 2020 in Seattle, WA.

Technical women of all levels and backgrounds - join us when we meet at Tech Women Rising to learn, share, and grow together. Tech Women Rising is not your typical tech conference! We combine multiple parts into one event: workshops meant to teach and empower; a career & community fair meant to connect and build bridges; an unconference meant to inspire, support & grow a community; a resume clinic and mini coaching sessions meant to advance your career.

The event will be open to women and people of diverse gender.

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Career & Community Fair

Saturday || Sunday

Meet companies that value diversity and want to hire from this great community of women engineers. Get to know diversity and inclusivity oriented community organizations and learn about technical training programs.

Are you a company that wants to be represented at our Career Fair? Contact us, and let's chat!

Resume Clinic

Friday || Saturday || Sunday

Come, bring a paper copy of your resume, and get feedback from technical recruiters in short 10 minute one-on-one sessions. Build the best resume you can and get noticed by the companies you pursue!

More details to come.


Saturday || Sunday

Curated workshops, separated into tracks such as: Job Search, Career Development & Leadership, Allies & Companies.

Check out our workshops from Tech Women Rising 2018 to get an idea for what to expect. We are planning more sessions for 2020, with additional focus on mothers and allies.

More details to come.

Coaching Mini Sessions

Saturday || Sunday

Use this opportunity to get a 25 minute one-on-one session with a leadership coach - get practical tips that will help you grow and tackle your challenges.

More details to come.


Saturday || Sunday

Build your own agenda - talk about topics that interest you and that will help you move forward and achieve your goals in 2020 and beyond!

More details to come.

Sponsors & Partners

Support She's Coding & Tech Women Rising. We are working on our 2020 sponsorship options - in the meantime, go ahead and contact us for more information!

Check out our sponsors & partners from Tech Women Rising 2018 - why don't you join us in 2020?


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Seattle, WA

Organizer & Organizing Team

She's Coding Logo

She’s Coding is a WA charity with the main goal to help close the gender gap in tech. We operate on three main pillars: (1) An open-source website that educates women, allies and companies about the gender gap, developed in mentorship-based volunteer groups. (2) A mentorship program, as well as an offline and online safe community for women in tech. And (3), support for women in their tech industry job searches via events, collaborations, and a yearly conference with career fair and workshops.

Want to volunteer and work with us to make Tech Women Rising 2019 the best event it can be? Contact us - we're looking forward to chat with you!

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Nathalie Steinmetz
Main organizer

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